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pentes Misty

GPS Satellite Messaging.

Add this rugged, pocket-sized security device to your personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep in touch with your lone or remote employees, no matter how far they may go while off-grid.

Improve your business profitability by optimizing the efficiency of your resources and assets with cloud-based localized mapping services for Globalstar and SPOT devices.


The SPOT Gen4 allows users to perform their control checks with their colleagues by sending pre-programmed text messages or emails containing their GPS coordinates.


Users also have a survival line of communication should an unforeseen situation arise; the Gen4 transmits your GPS location to emergency responders at the touch of a button.


In an emergency, send FocusPoint International, Inc. an SOS with your GPS location, which aids in search and rescue operations.



Automatically send and save your location and allow your contacts to track your progress using SPOT My Globalstar.




Let your contacts know where you are and that you are doing well with a predefined message.


personalized message


Let your contacts know where you are by transmitting a predefined message containing your GPS location.


SPOT Help/Support


Ask for help from your co-workers at your GPS location or call on professional assistance organizations.

Prix - TTC
CHF 186.70
Taille - mm
88,3 x 67,6 x 23,6
Poids - kg
Température de fonctionnement
-30° C à 60° C
Indice d'humidité
MIL-STD 810F, Variations de température de 20° C à 60° C, tout en maintenant une humidité relative de 95%.
Altitude de fonctionnement
de -100 m à +6 500 m
Indice de vibration
Selon SAE J1455
Indice de protection
IP68 (résistance à l'eau et à la poussière)
Type de piles
4 piles AAA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium 8x (L92) 4 piles rechargeables AAA Energizer® NiMH (NH12)
Il est important que votre appareil SPOT soit à une distance minimale de 12 pouces par rapport aux autres appareils GPS
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