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Inmarsat Isatphone 2

IsatPhone 2 is a tough phone for a tough world. This rugged phone was built to withstand anything nature throws at it, from scorching heat and freezing winds, to desert sandstorms and monsoon rains.

And with fast network registration, an unrivaled battery life of 8 hours of talk time, and up to 160 hours of standby time, you know you can always rely on the IsatPhone 2. The IsatPhone 2 also gives you the excellent voice clarity and call stability you expect from the world's leading Inmarsat network.


Calls and SMS in satellite mode

Global coverage
Inmarsat satellite service is available worldwide, except the poles. The cost of calls remains the same all over the world, so wherever you go, you won't have to pay roaming charges. Using I-4 satellites, Inmarsat can provide 99.9% network availability, reducing the risk of dropped calls.



The IsatPhone 2 features a transflective screen that allows the user to read the display in the brightest conditions. This technology uses ambient light to add visibility to screen brightness. The display also features Gorilla Glass, designed to be thin, light and strong.

Find the E-Compass


The E-Compass is an automatic and manual application which helps the user to register on the network. If the initial connection fails, the IsatPhone 2 automatically displays on-screen help and, using the built-in magnetometer, helps the user point the antenna to the satellite. In addition, the IsatPhone 2 also offers fast network registration and can get a signal in less than 45 seconds, so you can always make that important call on time.


Enhanced Security Features


The IsatPhone 2 is equipped with an assistance button which, when pressed, sends a preset message and your GPS location to an assigned number, meaning you can share your location with just the press of a button. The device also offers emergency location service via a dedicated button. Once you press this button, your location information is sent to an assigned number or email, allowing people to locate you. The phone can also be tracked on third party tracking portals.

Prix - TTC
CHF 1'167.-
Taille - mm
169 x 75 x 36
Poids - gr
Couleur, transflectif, haute visibilité, résistant aux rayures.
Indice de protection
IP65, résistant à la poussière et aux jets d'eau.
Type d'antenne
Directionnelle pliable.
IK04 pour les chocs.
Durée de la batterie
-> 100h en standby / -> 8h en appel
Recharge USB possible
Service de localisation
Partage de la position par SMS et email. Suivi GPS. Fonction SOS avec GPS. Bouton SOS programmable.
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