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The Thuraya IP Voyager is a high quality vehicular satellite terminal designed for a wide range of mission critical operations such as border patrol, defense and disaster response in areas underserved by terrestrial networks. The device enables users to collaborate reliably and efficiently with colleagues using video, data and VoIP to accomplish critical tasks where failure is not an option.

Designed to connect at broadband IP speeds of up to 444kbps on the go, the Thuraya IP Voyager is the only terminal capable of achieving IP streaming rates of up to 384kbps as well as user-definable asymmetric streaming. 'user. The Thuraya IP Voyager also includes an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot with 802.11b/g/n technology and WPA2 encryption. Additionally, there are four PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) ports that allow users to connect multiple wired devices.



Simple, quick and easy to install on any vehicle, internet connectivity can be achieved in minutes.

Easy installation


Thuraya IP Voyager is built for communications on the move and can be easily installed in any vehicle. The antenna, with its magnetic feet, can be installed in seconds.


This vehicle satellite unit has simple plug-and-play features that allow for a hassle-free experience, enabling rapid mission deployment that is ideal for disaster relief operations, military evacuations, border patrol, defense and disaster relief. disaster response teams.

Durable and reliable


The Thuraya IP Voyager is specially designed for use in vehicles. The Vehicle Satellite Unit has a rigid frame with internal components that can withstand a potential high vibration environment.


The antenna has an IP56 ingress protection rating - a globally recognized standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission - which provides protection against dirt, dust, water, oil and other non-corrosive materials to withstand to the harshest environments.

Prix - TTC
Taille -mm
Dock: 46 x 281 x 233 Antenne: 252 x 119
Poids - kg
Dock: 2.3 Antenne: 2
Standard IP envoi / réception - kbps
-> 444 kbps
Streaming IP envoi / réception - kbps
16, 32, 64, 128, 256 ou 384 kbps
Téléphone standard
Interface données
4 ports Ethernet
64 kbps via RJ-45
Indice de protection
IP 56 (antenne)
Durée de vie de la batterie

High-speed streaming capabilities

With speeds of up to 444kbps on the go, Thuraya IP Voyager is the only terminal on the market capable of reaching IP streaming speeds of up to 384kbps.

Asymmetrical streaming

Thuraya is the first mobile satellite operator to provide asymmetric streaming capabilities for our broadband devices. The Thuraya IP Voyager can be configured to allow users to manage their upload and download speeds to match their usage and ensure significant cost savings.

Unlimited data usage

With the Unlimited IP Data Plan, users can perform all field operations including video conferencing, file transfers, and other high-bandwidth applications at a fixed monthly rate at no additional cost.

satellite network

Thuraya's dynamic satellite network is available in 161 countries and enables two-thirds of the world's population to communicate clearly and effectively in areas underserved by terrestrial networks.

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