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Dunes de sable

CHF 666.-
(au lieu de CHF 768.-)

The SatSleeve Hotspot meets the communication needs of all smartphone users - from frequent travelers and adventurous explorers to businesses and NGOs.

Created for customers who prefer to use their smartphone separately from the satellite unit, the SatSleeve Hotspot, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, gives you the range and freedom of movement needed to make calls, use email, send messages or enjoy your favorite social media apps, all while sitting comfortably indoors, while the hotspot sits outside, facing the satellite.

The SatSleeve Hotspot comes with a stand in the package and is compatible with various iOS and Android models.


Calls and text messages in satellite mode


Use your smartphone in satellite mode when there is no terrestrial network available to call and send text messages using your existing contact list.


Email on the go


Send and receive emails wherever you are.


Access your apps while you're on the go - social media, instant messaging, news apps and more.


Easy to use


Simply connect your smartphone via Wi-Fi to the satellite unit to stay connected. Audio is now routed through the smartphone, allowing users to make calls directly from the smartphone.




The SatSleeve Hotspot app is available for free download from the App Store or Google Play. Our app is available in 12 languages.
This application is applicable for SatSleeve Hotspot and SatSleeve+ only and not for previous models of SatSleeve.


Enhanced Security Features

The SatSleeve Hotspot is equipped with an SOS call button that works even if the smartphone is not connected. The SOS button is used to make an outgoing call to a user-defined number or to receive an incoming call.


A world of choice


Thuraya's reliable and uninterrupted satellite network keeps you connected in satellite mode anywhere in its coverage area in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot works either with a Thuraya SIM card or with a GSM SIM card from one of Thuraya's 360+ roaming partners worldwide.




The SatSleeve Hotspot comes with a stand in the package, making your life even more convenient when you're on the go.

Built-in compression


To increase the loading speed of websites, the SatSleeve Hotspot can be used with 3 different access points (APNs). Select high compression (no images will be downloaded for faster loading websites), low compression (images will be compressed) or no compression (full website content will be loaded). Depending on your needs, select the most suitable APN in the GmPRS settings on your Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot.

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